Class is on hold for now but will begin again in 2019...if interested, email us.


How it works:

-Introduction. Everyday we do an introduction that wakes us up. It’ll be an intro that gets us thinking playfully, honestly and creatively. The intro sets up the rest of class and is a great way to start getting out of our day and into the class.

-Reading. The beautiful work you don’t have time to read, I’ve read it, I’ve found the best parts, and I’ll put it out there for us to read. We sit back, we get goosebumps, we smile, we remember or we cry. Either way, you feel like you are reading again.

- Write. The power of the class is in the writing prompts. You don’t have to think or come prepared. You just have to show up. I’ll jolt you into juicy stories and words using that day’s prompts. At first it’s a few quickies. Then, as we grow together and get comfortable, the writing prompts are for longer and push you harder. We always share, and when we do, your writing gets muscles, as do you.

Each week we’ll explore a new aspect of writing but these will change and adapt based on the needs of the group.


Imagery- Experiencing sensing and putting that into words.  From sight, sound, smell, and touch to feeling, we play with what we experience and how to express that sense vividly.


Week Two: Word efficiency, choice, and phrasing- Paying special attention to the words we choose, how they form phrases, and how they convey the meaning precisely.


Week Three: Vulnerability- We learn about how going in and connecting with who we are in each moment allows us to write more authentically and in a way that is memorable for the reader. 


Plot- We look at the overall structure of a traditional plot and setting up a story with each action choice we make.


Beginnings, Middles & Endings - What makes these three different from each other and how do we craft each one? 


Work on a final piece for the next three classes, reading, sharing and receiving edits from classmates and Maryam.