Why take this class?

It’s been shown that those that write regularly are happier, in general. But why creative writing? Well because so much of our lives today are focused on our left brain processes, we rarely get to stretch those right brain skills, expanding our imaginations and our creativity can bring us a level of joy that we’ve not experienced since school days, while also helping us to be more creative in solving our biggest problems.  The more we allow play and creativity into our lives, the more we can approach life, our relationships and careers with more versatility, spontaneity and innovation.

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What if I want to write a novel, or a specific short story?

For those that have specific projects in mind, all of the exercises are meant for you to think about your individual projects in new ways. They will prepare you for writing them or to give you new fuel for continuing them. They will give you a fresh light to look at them. I’ll work with you to reach your writing goals during the class and continue to work with you after the class. I will be your partner in getting you there.

What if I am not a writer and don’t have a project in mind?

Great. Come with an open mind, and ready to be surprised by what’s inside of you. The class is designed to support you, as is, with the writing prompts the way to prod you through. 




The goal of this 6 week course is to be able to get into the zone easily and freely in order to produce a piece of creative writing, likely in personal narrative form (but short stories or fiction also open), to publish in a chapbook compilation of all the participants writings. 


The course will  build your muscles to think more creatively about things, life, the weather, relationships, beauty, music, etc...My ever ambitious goal is to sharpen your senses to the world around.


The course is mixed with reading the beautiful things that we no longer take time to read, and expel ourselves of writing that we imagine is inside of us...


This process is always a bumpy one, so we have 6 weeks to go through the journey and come out with some chiseled rough diamond. 


Along the way there will be refreshers (or first time lessons!) on word choice, imagery, story structure, voice and overall figurative language to get us out of our “professional” writing and into our soul writing.


Everyone is at a different level and with varying degrees of experience, skill and practice. It doesn’t matter. The course is designed with sufficient one on one time to bring out your story, with good sharing time too. The point is that this is your journey and yet by being in a small intimate group, we will all form a creative family as well.