About the instructor

Maryam Abolfazli has spent the last 12 years being creative.  She wrote innovative grant proposals that garnered over 15 million USD, a novel, several dozen personal essays on Medium.com,  political commentary on Huffington Post, and essays detailing her time in Afghanistan in 2003-2004  and the Middle East during the Arab Spring in Guernica. Her essays have been referenced in the New York Times and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. 

Maryam is a natural instructor and teaches from the perspective of the creator, understanding the growth areas of the creator and catering the lesson to those needs. She coaches on the spot, suggesting new perspectives from which the creator can look at his work. Having been edited and instructed by the worse, Maryam has developed an approach that is technical but relevant to the creator, empathetic and clear. She understands the delicate process of learning to write and utilizes what she experienced to counter the dictatorship of the instructor/editor.