Exercise your right brain

Ignite your creativity

Build your creative core

Get Versatile

Experience your creativity

Most anyone who has dared to live
has enough content to write.
Usually what is missing is the inspiration,
support, feedback and discipline to get it out.


Below you can choose the class that fits you. The Free Yourself class is the first class in the series and meant for anyone that hasn't taken a class at TKOL before. Commit Yourself is for those that have completed Free Yourself. For those of you who are out of town, the Online Class is the one for you. If you sign up for the online class, I'll be in touch to figure out the details with you.


A six week course intended to inspire, motivate and catapult you into your most creative and diverse writing. Free Yourself starts with a good creative writing warm-up, then a dose playful fiction writing, then longer form personal essays. 


Both the Free Yourself and Commit Yourself courses are offered online for those of you far and abroad! 


This six week course follows from the Free Yourself course and moves into a long-term building of craft. The course involves in-depth coaching and structuring of a piece of writing, looking at balance, narrative flow, dialogue, and description.